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Please note that the statement of accounts will not be audited
as Frettenham Parish Council has self-certified as exempt,unless
either a request for an opportunity to question the auditor about
the authority's accounting records under section 26(2) or an objection
under section 27(1) of the Act, results in the involvement of the local auditor

Annual Audit 2015-16 Page One

Annual Audit 2015-16 Page Two

Annual Audit 2015-16 Page Three

Conclusion notice of Audit year ended 31st March 2017

Accounting Statements 2016-17

Bank Reconciliation Statement 2018

Explanation of Variances 2018

Certificate of Exemption 2018

Annual Internal Audit Report 2017/18

Annual governance Statement 2017/18

Accounting Statements 2017/18


Confirmation of the dates of the period for the exercise of public rights 2018